May 26, 2017

Book Review: Portrait Revolution

Portrait Revolution: Inspiration from Around the World for Creating Art in Multiple Mediums and Styles, by Julia L. Kay is an intriguing portrait art book with 450 Portraits from the Artists of Julia Kay's Portrait Party.
According to the introduction: "Julia Kay's Portrait Party (JKPP) is an international collaborative project in which artist all over the world make portraits of each other. After seven years of exchanging portraits, tips, and techniques with each other, we're now sharing our art, our words and our inspiration with everyone who is interested in or would like to get started with portraiture.... By the time of this book's publication, we had more than 1,000 members from more than 55 countries, and the group had produced more than 50,000 portraits of each other."

This book includes six main sections, which are titled as Portraits by Media, Portraits by Style, Portraits by Theme, Featured Artists, On Making Portraits, and Featured Subjects. Then, these main sections are each divided into several chapters, as listed on the Contents page. Also, there's an introduction titled as About Julia Kay's Portrait Party.

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