March 13, 2017

Book Review: Sea Otter Heroes

Sea Otter Heroes: The Predators That Saved an Ecosystem is an interesting and informative book written by Patricia Newman.

According to the inside cover, "In Elkhorn Slough, an inlet on the California coast, seagrass grows healthy and strong in the shallow water, providing homes for fish, preventing erosion, and trapping carbon from the environment. This healthy seagrass baffled marine biologist Brent Hughes...signs pointed to an unexpected player helping to keep seagrass healthy: sea otters.... Brent's amazing discovery solved a modern science mystery--and gave scientists insight into the delicate balance of ecosystems."
Along with the introduction, this book is divided into four chapters: A Journey Begins, The Mystery Unfolds, The "Aha" Moment, Proof, and Unexpected Heroes. Throughout this book, there are full-color photographs and colorful diagrams, as well as excerpts titled as Otterisms and Seagrass Science. The back of book includes Source Notes, Glossary, Selected Bibliography, More You "Otter" Read and Watch, and Index.

Sea Otter Heroes is a delightful fifty-six page non-fiction book, and it's geared toward children, particularly grades four to eight.

Note: I received this book from NetGalley, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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