July 2, 2016

Book Review: Seven Ways to Be Her Hero

Seven Ways to Be Her Hero: The One She's Been Waiting For, by Doug Fields is a non-fiction book dealing with spiritual issues and discussions relating to marriage from the husband's viewpoint.

In the section titled Start Here, the author said, "7 Ways to Be Her Hero is really what the book is about.   It is a pretty fitting title, too, because most husbands want to be heroic at something....  Marriage is work, sure.  But by the end of our lives, we can know we were our brides' occasional heroes and that we tried our best.  And that is a key theme of a hero.  He tries."

This book is based on the author's experiences, as well as the Bible with various scripture verses and biblical stories intermixed throughout the book.

In the Afterword, Fields shared, "The content of this book was conceived as a series of talks that I delivered to the Saddleback Church men's group.  Given that I was on the pastoral staff at Saddleback as teaching and youth pastor for eighteen years, I had good relationships with many of these men.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to interact with the guys regarding the content I presented in the series." 

This book is divided into eleven chapters with most chapters having a corresponding follow-up chapter.  These chapter titles are titled as Stop Chasing the Wind and Start Chasing Your Wife, How It Got Laid, The Flip Side, Action #1: Don't Say Everything You Think, The Queen of Snark...Now What, Action #2: Say What Is Powerful, But What About Me, Action #3: Don't Say Anything (or Become a World-Class Listener), Helping Her Do the Math, Action #4: Go Big with Small Things, More of the Sword So You Get the Point, Action #5: Be Liberal with Touch...but Not That Way, When Low Libido Knocks on Your Door, Action #6: Put Your Pride Aside, Overcoming Your Man Mistakes, Action #7: Shepherd Your Wife's Heart, What Every Man Needs Shepherded Most, As Christ Loved the Church, and Time Is What Most Marriages Are Fighting For.  Also, there are other sections, including Start Here, Introduction, and Afterword. 

While it's written in a conversational tone, this book focuses on challenging topics with practical advice for daily life.

According to the first chapter, "A hero is not created when a man chases the wind.  A hero is created when a man recognizes he has been chasing the wrong things and realizes that his wife should be the object of his chase....  Be her hero!  Chase her.  Don't stop chasing her.  Ever.  This is a chase worthy of addiction.  It is one that will pay off with a healthy, vibrant, and growing marriage." 

Seven Ways to Be Her Hero is written for men, particularly husbands, since the author writes in a manner and language geared for men.  While only some chapters are applicable for women, I'd still encourage wives to read this book as well.  This worthwhile resource is highly recommended for men.

Note: I received this book from Book Look Bloggers, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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