June 21, 2016

Book Review: The 21-Day Financial Fast

The 21-Day Financial Fast: Your Path to Financial Peace and Freedom, by Michelle Singletary is non-fiction book that serves as a practical guide to managing money, as well as dealing with financial stress and seeking financial peace.

On page 21, Singletary wrote, "Wherever you fall on the financial spectrum--compulsive spender or good steward--you'll be surprised at how much more you can have when you follow God's blueprint for making, keeping and giving away money.  My prayer for you is that this 21-day financial fast will give you both the biblical principles and the practical tools to achieve the prosperity God promises." 

On page 14 and 15, the author shared, "Use the twenty-one days to consider what being rich means to you.  And in case you're wondering, when I use the word rich, I'm not talking about material wealth.  I'm talking about the peace that comes when you've done all you can to wisely use the financial resources God has entrusted to you.  The 21-day financial fast is about preparing yourself to prosper and leaving a legacy for your family that allows them to prosper, too."

This book is easy to read, yet still challenges the readers with applicable advice.  The author has filled The 21-Day Financial Fast with helpful tips and practical guidance that's rooted in Biblical aspects and Christian values. 

On page 17, Singletary stated, "The Bible is the key source to this book.  Even if you are not religious, the Old and New Testaments give the best and most basic advice on how to handle your money--in good times and bad."

This book has four main parts: Why a Financial Fast, Fasting for a Better Financial Life, Fasting to Avoid Financial Drama, and Fasting for Financial Peace.  These four parts are divided into twenty-one chapters (or days), as well as an introduction, titled Prosperity on Purpose, and additional appendixes.  

The chapter titles include the following: Twenty-One Days to Financial Freedom, A Promise of Prosperity, God's Generosity, Tithing Today, The Evils of Entitlement, You Can't Buy Contentment, The Benefits of Budgeting, The Salvation of Saving, Diversification Delivers, Marrying Your Money, Leave a Legacy of Good Money Sense, The Devil Is in the Debt, The Curse of Credit, Cosigning Is Crazy, Guard Against Greed, The Caregiver Cliff, Perpetual Peace, Broken Bonds, Strengthen Stewardship, Relationships Recused, and Financial Freedom.  The five appendixes are titled as the following: Blank Budget Worksheet, What's Next: Starting Your 30-Day Spending Journal, How to Start a 21-Day Fast in Your Church, Sample Daily Fast Journal Page, and Financial Fast Scripture Verses.

On page 19, the author wrote, "The chapters and parts build on each other to help you establish a strong foundation for financial peace and freedom."

Each chapter starts with the Main Point and My Pledge sections, and then each chapter ends with the Testimony Time and Daily Assignment sections.  These quick reading sections enhance the pertaining chapter's theme.  There are various quotes and scripture verses, regarding the topical themes, are interspersed throughout the chapters.

On page 211, Singletary shared, "Your financial life may be a wreck, but don't lose faith.  This fast can help bring serenity back into your life.  I can't promise you everything will be fine when it's over, but I know that you'll be closer to finding financial freedom.  If you already handle your money well, then the fast should confirm what you already knew--that following God's financial road-map for your life takes to straight to a place of peace."

The 21-Day Financial Fast is designed to be read one chapter a day, which is an ideal way for individuals and couples to read this book.  However, book groups and bible studies may find one chapter a week is more feasible.  This book is relatable and recommended to those who have properly managed their finances, as well as those who don't know where to start.

Note: I received this book from Book Look Bloggers, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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