May 25, 2016

Book Review: Surviving Your Serengeti

Surviving Your Serengeti: Seven Skills to Master Business and Life, by Stefan Swanepoel is a delightful book, which is considered "a fable of self-discovery."

In the introduction, on page xiii, Swanepoel shares, "Nearly two million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles annually run a 1,000-mile journey filled with hunger, thirst, predators, and exhaustion.  The journey is so incomparably dangerous and massive that it is often rated the  number one natural wonder of the world.  For me, this journey is a parable for success.  It's a window into the very meaning of life that provides a simple way to understand, appreciate, and remember the basic skills that all living beings need to survive and thrive."

As the introduction continues on page xvi, Swanepoel states, "The obstacles that those who live and die on the Serengeti face are, in many ways, no different than the challenges we face at the office or at home every day.  While our trials certainly take place in a different realm, the seven skills that the animals use to overcome their harsh conditions can also help us rise above our own adversities."

This book is divided into nine chapters, as well as an introduction, epilogue (titled as The Following Evening), and a few bonus chapters, including What Animal Am I, African Wildlife Foundation, The Serengeti Plains of East Africa, etc.  The nine chapters are titled as the following: Arrival in Africa, The Enduring Wildebeest, The Strategic Lion, The Enterprising Crocodile, The Efficient Cheetah, The Graceful Giraffe, The Risk-Taking Mongoose, The Communicating Elephant, and Coming Full Circle.

In most of the chapters, there's a special two-part section detailing the skill, which is titled as Summary and Maximizing the Skill.  The majority of the book is a fictionalized fable of a group on travelers in the Serengeti.

In the introduction, on page xvi, the author shares, "It is my hope that this fable will reaffirm that: 1) Everyone can survive his or her own personal Serengeti, no matter the challenges.  2) No journey is ever too long.  3) Nothing is impossible."

This  book is geared towards all ages, from teenagers to older generations...particularly those interested in discovering and/or strengthening skills for business and life.

Note: I received this book from Book Sneeze, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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