May 27, 2016

Book Review: Just Like Jesus

Just Like Jesus: A Heart Like His, by Max Lucado is a well-written non-fiction book regarding Christian themes.  There's a devotional (titled Just Like Jesus: A Thirty Day Walk with the Savior), which is an accompaniment to this book.  However, it is not necessary to read both books at the same time.

In the Introduction, the author states, "We want to be just like Jesus.  This seems like an impossible goal until we accept one simple truth: God loves us.  And not only does God love each of us exactly as we are, he wants us, little by little, to become like him....  Because he wants us to have a heart like his."

Also, in the Introduction, Lucado shares, "In fact, that's why I wrote this book--to remind you and me of just how far God will go to transform us into his likeness....  My hope and prayer is that these pages will again encourage you to strive to be like the Savior.  Remember how much you are loved and how much richer life can be with Jesus at your core.  And never forget: God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way.  More than anything, he wants you to be just like Jesus."

This encouraging, yet challenging, book has twelve chapters, as well as a study guide.  The chapters are titled as the following: A Heart Like His, Loving the People You Are Stuck With: A Forgiving Heart, The Touch of God: A Compassionate Heart, Hearing God's Music: A Listening Heart, Being Led by an Unseen Hand: A God-Intoxicated Heart, A Changed Face and a Set of Wings: A Worship-Hungry Heart, Golf Games and Celery Sticks: A Focused Heart, Nothing but the Truth, An Honest Heart, The Greenhouse of the Mind: A Pure Heart, Finding Gold in the Garbage: A Hope-Filled Heart, When Heaven Celebrates: A Rejoicing Heart, Finishing Strong: An Enduring Heart, and Conclusion: Finding Your Eyes on Jesus. 

Just Like Jesus is ideal to read individually or with a small group, especially with the use of the study guide that's located at the end.  This highly recommended book is geared towards various ages, from young adults to older generations.  Remember that "God loves you just the way you are, but he refuses to leave you that way.  He wants you to be...Just Like Jesus." 

Note: I received this book from Book Sneeze, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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