April 10, 2016

Book Review: Mirror Ball

Mirror Ball: Living Boldly and Shining Brightly for the Glory of God, by Matt Redman incorporates praise and worship into daily life.  It’s intermixed with the author’s personal experiences, historical facts, Biblical stories, and scripture verses.

In the Preface, Redman shares, “This book is about living a big, bold, bright life of worship.  I hope as you read these pages you might get a heightened view of Jesus and grab on to a new confidence of what you can become in Him.”

The eight chapters are titled as The Passion of the Christian, Love Will Give Its All, Big God, Big Life, Drops in the Ocean, Who Do You Say That I Am?, 10,000 Reasons, The Rule of First Things, and Endless Hallelujah.

There’s a Discussion Guide, which “was created for use in small groups, but it may also be useful for individuals reading through this book alone,” according to page 109.  Also, “This guide uses each chapter of Mirror Ball and many of Matt’s songs—including some of the very newest songs from his album 10,000 Reasons—as a launching pad into honest discussion of the ideas, challenges, and biblical themes raised.”

The Discussion Guide includes two main sections: Questions (about four to five questions per chapter) and Thoughts, as well as song excerpts, written by Redman and friends (who are properly noted in the Song Bibliography).

Mirror Ball is a wonderful book to use for bible studies and small groups, as well as to read individually.  It’s geared towards all ages, from teenagers to older generations.  Plus, this interesting book is a quick read, yet highly recommended.

Note: I received this book from B and B Media, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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