February 27, 2016

Book Review: Nehemiah

Nehemiah: Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition, by Warren W. Wiersbe, is a part of The Wiersbe Bible Study Series.  On page seven, Wiersbe said, “Doing God’s work has never been easy, and in these last days it is getting more and more difficult to serve….  But the same great God who enabled Nehemiah to finish building the walls of Jerusalem will enable us to finish our course with joy and accomplish the work He has called us to do.  There is no reason to quit or even to despair!”

This nine-lesson study guide is based on the book of Nehemiah.  It starts with two sections: Introduction to Nehemiah and How to Use This Study, which includes Tips for Small Groups. The nine lessons are titled: A Caring Attitude, Workers, Selfishness, Pressures and Testing, People of the Book, Grace, Dedication, Sacrifice and Promises, and Bonus Lesson: Summary and Review.

Each of the eight main lessons is dedicated to one or two chapters from Nehemiah.  These lessons each have fifteen questions within the following sections: Getting Started (with two questions), Going Deeper (with eight questions), Looking Inward (with three questions), Going Forward (with one question), Seeking Help (with one question), and Notes for Small Groups.

In addition to the Nehemiah scripture passages (and other scripture references), there is a heavy focus on the commentary excerpts from Be Determined, by Warren W. Wiersbe within the eight main lessons.  According to page nine of this study guide, “While reading Be Determined is not a prerequisite for going through this study, the additional insights and background Wiersbe offers can greatly enhance your study experience.”  Throughout the main lessons, there are also various additional materials with the following headings: From Today’s World, More to Consider, Real-Life Application Ideas, From the History Books, and Tips for Small Groups.

The last lesson, titled Bonus Lesson, is a summary and review of this study and the book of Nehemiah.  It’s a shorter lesson with eight questions and new section titles, including Looking Back (with three questions), Progress Report (with two questions), Things to Pray About (with three questions), and a Blessing of Encouragement.

With in-depth questions and practical applications, this Biblically based study guide is an extremely useful way to assist with reading the book of Nehemiah.  This study guide is geared towards both small groups and individuals of any age—from teenagers to grandparents.  Readers will benefit from using Nehemiah: Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition to learn more about the Word of God, particularly the book of Nehemiah.

Note: I received this book from B and B Media, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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