July 6, 2017

Book Review: The Great Penguin Rescue

The Great Penguin Rescue: Saving the African Penguins, by Sandra Markle is an intriguing and informative book that features the plight and struggles of the African penguins.

According to page two: "African penguins are in peril. Millions of these penguins used to breed on islands off southern Africa. But over time, human activities interfered with the penguins' nesting colonies and ocean hunting grounds. The result was a dangerous drop in the African penguin population, as adults struggled to find enough food and keep chicks safe. Even as alarmed scientists worked with the South African government to protect the penguin colonies and food supply, the population continued to fall. Now volunteers and scientists are working together to rescue chicks and raise the survival rate. Through innovative new efforts, they're creating a hopeful future for these penguins, one fluffy chick at a time."

Some of the full-color photographs of these penguins are simply adorable, and there are maps and graphics in this very interesting and informative book that provides a wonderful way to learn. This book is divided into the following chapters: Alone, Penguins in Trouble, From Bad to Worse, Turning Point, Raising the Future, Giving Hope a Home, Rescued, and Saving Other Penguins, as well as Author's Note, Did You Know, Timeline, Source Notes, and Glossary.

The Great Penguin Rescue is a forty-eight page non-fiction book that's geared toward children, particularly fourth to seventh grades.

Note: I received this book from NetGalley, which is a program designed for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.


  1. I am South African and our penguins are beautiful. They mate for life so its common to see them walking or sunbathing in pairs. We have a beach dedicated to these penguins near Cape Town where they make their nests.

    1. That's wonderful, thanks for sharing! :)